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US Wildflower's Database of White Wildflowers for California

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Arrowhead: Common Arrowhead, Arrowleaf, Burhead, Wapato, Duck-potato, Broadleaf Arrowhead

Sagittaria latifolia*
(Native) Family: Alismataceae – Water-plantain family
Beardtongue: Hot-rock Penstemon, Scabland penstemon, Hot-rock Beardtongue

Penstemon deustus*
(Native) Family: Scrophulariaceae – Figwort family
Beggarticks: Shepherd's Needles ,Spanish Needles, Romerillo, Common Beggar's-tick, Hairy Beggarticks, Cobbler's Pegs

Bidens pilosa*
(Native) Family: Asteraceae – Aster family
Bellflower: Bluebell Bellflower, Bluebell, Harebell, Bluebell-of-Scotland, Blue Rain Flower, Heathbells, Witches Thimbles

Campanula rotundifolia*
(Native) Family: Campanulaceae - Bellflower family
Bittercress: Hairy Bittercress, Hoary Bittercress

Cardamine hirsuta*
(Introduced) Family: Brassicaceae – Mustard family
Blackberry: Thimbleberry, Western Thimbleberry, Salmonberry, Mountain Sorrel, White Flowering Raspberry, Western Thimble Raspberry

Rubus parviflorus*
(Native) Family: Rosaceae – Rose family
Blue Eyed Mary: Blue-eyed Mary, Maiden Blue Eyed Mary, Smallflower Blue Eyed Mary

Collinsia parviflora*
(Native) Family: Plantaginaceae – Plantain family
Broomrape: One-flowered Broomrape ; One-flowered Cancer Root, Ghostpipe, Naked Broomrape

Orobanche uniflora*
(Native) Family: Orobanchaceae – Broom-rape family
Bugbane: Tassel Rue, False Bugbane, Carolina Bugbane

Trautvetteria caroliniensis*
(Native) Family: Ranunculaceae – Buttercup family
Buttonbush: Buttonbush, Common Buttonbush, Button Ball, Riverbush, Honey-bells, Button Willow

Cephalanthus occidentalis*
(Native) Family: Rubiaceae – Madder family
Clover: White Clover

Trifolium repens
(Introduced) Family: Fabaceae – Pea family
Clover: Woolly Head Clover, Hairy Head Clover, Cascade Clover, Cusick’s Clover, Martin’s Clover, Fuzzyleaf CloverDicot Perennial

Trifolium eriocephalum*
(Native) Family: Fabaceae – Pea family
Daisy: Oxeye Daisy

Chrysanthemum leucanthemum
(Introduced) Family: Asteraceae – Aster family
Death Camas: Foothill Death Camas, Foothills Deathcamas, Panicled Death Camas, Sand-corn

Toxicoscordion paniculatum*
(Native) Family: Melanthiaceae – False-Hellebore Family
Dogwood: Red-osier Dogwood, Western Dogwood, American Dogwood

Cornus sericea*
(Native) Family: Cornaceae – Dogwood family
Elderberry: Common Elderberry, American Elderberry, American Black Elderberry

Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis*
(Native) Family: Adoxaceae – Muskroot Family
Elderberry: Western Blue Elder, Blue Elderberry

Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea*
(Native) Family: Adoxaceae – Muskroot Family
Eyelashweed: Rough Eyelashweed, Blepharipappus, Rough Blepharipappus

Blepharipappus scaber*
(Native) Family: Asteraceae – Aster family
False-buckwheat: Japanese Knotweed, Crimson Beauty, Mexican bamboo, Japanese Fleece Flower, Reynoutria

Fallopia japonica*
(Introduced) Family: Polygonaceae – Buckwheat family
Fleabane: Eastern daisy fleabane

Erigeron annuus*
(Native) Family: Asteraceae – Aster family
Fleabane: Philadelphia Fleabane

Erigeron philadelphicus*
(Native) Family: Asteraceae – Aster family
Fleabane: Prairie Fleabane, Lesser Daisy Fleabane

Erigeron strigosus*
(Native) Family: Asteraceae – Aster family
Fogfruit: Fogfruit, Lanceleaf Fogfruit, Northern Fogfruit

Phyla lanceolata*
(Native) Family: Verbenaceae – Verbena family
Geranium: Carolina Geranium, Carolina Cranesbill

Geranium carolinianum*
(Native) Family: Geraniaceae – Geranium family
Germander: American Germander, Wood Sage, Canada Germander

Teucrium canadense*
(Native) Family: Lamiaceae – Mint family
Goatsbeard: Goatsbeard, Eastern Goatsbeard, Bride’s Feathers

Aruncus dioicus*
(Native) Family: Rosaceae – Rose family
Hedge Parsley: Spreading Hedge Parsley, Field Hedge Parsley, Common Hedge Parsley

Torilis arvensis*
(Introduced) Family: Apiaceae – Carrot family
Honeysuckle: Japanese Honeysuckle

Lonicera japonica*
(Introduced) Family: Caprifoliaceae – Honeysuckle family
Indian Pipe: Indian Pipe, Ghost Flower, Ghost Plant

Monotropa uniflora*
(Native) Family: Monotropaceae – Indian Pipe family
Ipomopsis: Scarlet Gilia, Scarlet Skyrocket, Scarlet Trumpet, Skunk Flower

Ipomopsis aggregata*
(Native) Family: Polemoniaceae – Phlox family
Jacob's Ladder: Showy Jacob’s Ladder, Jacob’s Ladder, Skunky Polemonium, Skunkleaf Polemonium

Polemonium pulcherrimum*
(Native) Family: Polemoniaceae – Phlox family
Jimsonweed: Jimsonweed, Jamestown Weed, Mad Apple, Moon Flower, Stinkwort, Thorn Apple, Devil's Trumpet

Datura stramonium*
(Introduced) Family: Solanaceae – Potato family
Knapweed: Bachelor’s Button, Bluebottle, Cornflower, Garden Cornflower

Centaurea cyanus*
(Introduced) Family: Asteraceae – Aster family
Ladyslipper: Yellow Ladyslipper, Lesser Yellow Lady’s Slipper, Greater Yellow Lady’s Slipper, Small Flowered Yellow Lady’s Slipper

Cypripedium parviflorum*
(Native) Family: Orchidaceae – Orchid family
Leather Flower: Sweet Autumn Clematis, Sweet Autumn Virginsbower, Leatherleaf Clematis, Yam-leaved Clematis

Clematis terniflora*
(Introduced) Family: Ranunculaceae – Buttercup family
Leather Flower: Western Clematis, Western White Clematis, Western Virgin's Bower, Creek Clematis, Old Man's Beard, Pepper Vine

Clematis ligusticifolia*
(Native) Family: Ranunculaceae – Buttercup family
Lopseed: Lopseed, American Lopseed

Phryma leptostachya*
(Native) Family: Phrymaceae - Lopseed Family
Lotus: American Lotus, Water Lotus, Water Chinquapin, Yellow Lotus

Nelumbo lutea*
(Native) Family: Nelumbonaceae – Indian lotus
Mariposa Lily: Bruneau Mariposa Lily, Pinyon Mariposa

Calochortus bruneaunis*
(Native) Family: Liliaceae – Lily family
Mayflower: False Solomon's Seal, Feathery False Lily of the Valley, Solomon's Plume

Maianthemum racemosum*
(Native) Family: Liliaceae – Lily family
Mayflower: Starry False Solomon’s Seal, Starry False Lily of the Valley, Starflower False Solomon's Seal Star-flowered Solomon’s Plume

Maianthemum stellatum*
(Native) Family: Liliaceae – Lily family
Mayweed: Mayweed, Stinking Chamomile, Dog Fennel

Anthemis cotula
(Introduced) Family: Asteraceae – Aster family
Meadow-rue: Western Meadow-rue, Western Meadowrue, Meadow Rue

Thalictrum occidentale
(Native) Family: Ranunculaceae – Buttercup family
Milkvetch: Canada Milkvetch, Little Rattlepod

Astragalus canadensis*
(Native) Family: Fabaceae – Pea family
Mimosa: Silk Tree, Mimosa

Albizia julibrissin
(Introduced) Family: Fabaceae – Pea family
Mock Orange: Lewis’ Mock Orange, Indian Arrowhead, Syringa

Philadelphus lewisii
(Native) Family: Hydrangeaceae – Hydrangea family
Morning Glory: Hedge Bindweed, Hedge False Bindweed

Calystegia sepium*
(Native) Family: Convolvulaceae – Morning-glory family
Morning Glory: Small White Morning Glory, Whitestar, Pitted Morningglory

Ipomoea lacunosa*
(Native) Family: Convolvulaceae – Morning-glory family
Mullein: Moth Mullein

Verbascum blattaria
(Introduced) Family: Scrophulariaceae – Figwort family
Nightshade: Carolina Horse Nettle, Bull Nettle, Devil's Tomato

Solanum carolinense
(Native) Family: Solanaceae – Potato family
Onion: Tapertip Onion, Hooker’s Onion

Allium acuminatum*
(Native) Family: Amaryllidaceae – Amaryllis family
Pearly Everlasting: Pearly Everlasting, Western Pearly Everlasting

Anaphalis margaritacea*
(Native) Family: Asteraceae – Aster family
Phacelia: Silverleaf Phacelia, Timberline Phacelia, Mountain Phacelia

Phacelia hastata*
(Native) Family: Hydrophyllaceae – Waterleaf family
Phlox: Spreading Phlox

Phlox diffusa*
(Native) Family: Polemoniaceae – Phlox family
Pincushion: Dusty Maidens, Douglas' Dustymaiden, Chaenactis, Douglas False Yarrow

Chaenactis douglasii*
(Native) Family: Asteraceae – Aster family
Plantain: Narrowleaf Plantain, English Plantain, Buckhorn, Lanceleaf Plantain, Ribwort, Buckhorn, Ribgrass

Plantago lanceolata
(Introduced) Family: Plantaginaceae – Plantain family
Plantain: Virginia Plantain, Dwarf Plantain, Southern Plantain, Hoary Plantain, Paleseed Indianwheat

Plantago virginica*
(Native) Family: Plantaginaceae – Plantain family
Plum: Chokecherry, Western Chokecherry, Black Chokecherry

Prunus virginiana*
(Native) Family: Rosaceae – Rose family
Pokeweed: American Pokeweed, Pokeberry, Inkberry, Poke Sallet

Phytolacca americana*
(Native) Family: Phytolaccaceae – Pokeweed family
Queen Anne's Lace: Queen Anne's Lace, Wild Carrot

Daucus carota*
(Introduced) Family: Apiaceae – Carrot family
Rose : Multiflora Rose

Rosa multiflora*
(Introduced) Family: Rosaceae – Rose family
Rose: Dog Rose, Dog Brier, Common Briar

Rosa canina*
(Introduced) Family: Rosaceae – Rose family
Rosemallow: Swamp Rose Mallow, Crimsoneyed Rosemallow, Marshmallow, Woolly Rose Mallow, Hairy-fruited Hibiscus

Hibiscus moscheutos*
(Native) Family: Malvaceae – Mallow family
Serviceberry, Juneberry, Shadbush: Utah Serviceberry, Pale Serviceberry, Western Serviceberry

Amelanchier utahensis*
(Native) Family: Rosaceae – Rose family
Smartweed: Dotted Smartweed, Dotted Knotweed, Water Smartweed

Persicaria punctata*
(Native) Family: Polygonaceae – Buckwheat family
Spring Beauty: Miner’s Lettuce, Indian Lettuce, Winter Purslane

Claytonia perfoliata*
(Native) Family: Portulacaceae – Purslane family
Spring Beauty: Lanceleaf Spring Beauty, Western Spring Beauty

Claytonia lanceolata*
(Native) Family: Portulacaceae – Purslane family
Starwort: Common Chickweed

Stellaria media*
(Introduced) Family: Caryophyllaceae – Pink family
Strawberry: Virginia Strawberry, Wild Strawberry

Fragaria virginiana
(Native) Family: Rosaceae – Rose family
Sweetclover: Yellow Sweetclover, Yellow Melilot, Common Melilot, Field Melilot, Cornilla Real, White Sweetclover

Melilotus officinalis*
(Introduced) Family: Fabaceae – Pea family
Sweetclover: White Sweetclover, White Melilot, Honey-Clover, Bokhara Clover

Melilotus albus*
(Introduced) Family: Fabaceae – Pea family
Teasel: Teasel, Indian Teasel, Fuller’s Teasel

Dipsacus sativus*
(Introduced) Family: Dipsacaceae – Teasel family
Tridax: Coatbuttons, Tridax Daisy, Tridax, Cadillo Chisaca

Tridax procumbens*
(Introduced) Family: Asteraceae – Aster family
Trillium: Western Trillium, Western White Trillium, Pacific Trillium, Oettinger’s Trillium

Trillium ovatum*
(Native) Family: Liliaceae – Lily family
Trumpet Flower: Large Flowered Collomia, Grand Collomia, Mountain Collomia

Collomia grandiflora*
(Native) Family: Polemoniaceae – Phlox family
Trumpet Flower: Narrowleaf Collomia, Tiny Trumpet, Narrow-leaf Mountain Trumpet

Collomia linearis*
(Native) Family: Polemoniaceae – Phlox family
Waterleaf: Ballhead Waterleaf, Cat's Breeches, Dwarf Waterleaf

Hydrophyllum capitatum
(Native) Family: Hydrophyllaceae – Waterleaf family
Waterlily: American White Water Lily, Fragrant Water Lily, White Water Lily

Nymphaea odorata
(Native) Family: Nymphaeaceae – Water-lily family
Woodland-star: Smallflower Woodland-star

Lithophragma parviflorum
(Native) Family: Saxifragaceae – Saxifrage family
Yarrow: Common Yarrow, Milfoil

Achillea millefolium*
(Native) Family: Asteraceae – Aster family

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