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I hope you find the wildflower information and photos on this site useful in your quest to enjoy and identify wildflowers of the United States. There are 1846 photographs of 545 wildflower species on the detail pages, and additional photographs in the journal entries and photo albums. Please note that in some cases I keep separate records for subspecies; in those cases each subspecies is included in my "species count." There are also some non-flowering plants of interest (Ground Cedar, for example) which are included here.

Please do not consider my identification as authoritative. I am not a professional botanist - I'm just a budding hobbyist - and there is a high likelihood that some identifications are incorrect. - gcw

Dig Deeper:

  • Wildflower Journal: My U.S. Wildflower photography and identification journal.
  • Wildflower Index: U.S. Wildflower database index by Family.
  • Wildflower list: Database listing with thumbnails and descriptions of 545 U.S. Wildflower species I've 'identified.' If you want to narrow the list to only those found in a specific state, see the State Reference List below.
  • Wildflower thumbnail list: Thumbnails without descriptions of those 545 U.S. Wildflower species. I find this list easier to scan for a particular flower.
  • The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain Information about one of Georgia's premier natural wildflower sites, The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain, including the Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail. Included are printable identification photo lists covering the spring wildflower season.
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park Wildflowers - Thumbnails of well over 310 species of wildflowers that are found in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP)
  • Wildflower Photo Albums Albums of some photos taken at specific locations, and albums of other things I've seen while photographing wildflowers. I've FINALLY started adding some new stuff - a Kleinschmidt Grade album is now available

Looking for Wildflowers for a specific state? Check here:

Carolina Wild Petunia - Ruellia caroliniensis

Blooming now in NW Georgia: Carolina Wild Petunia - Ruellia caroliniensis

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About the State Reference List:

The State Reference page include three things:
  1. A list of websites that may help in identifying wildflowers for the selected state (New in June 2015!: Selection also now includes the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.) I've looked at each of the sites listed and they appear to be useful. I use some of the sites regularly for wildflower identification. If you know of a site that should be added to this list, send me an email at identification@uswildflowers.com - no promises of inclusion, but I will give it consideration.
  2. A thumbnail photograph and web page link for each color of species of wildflowers for each color of species of wildflowers in this site's database that, according to the USDA Plants Database or my personal observation are found in the selected state, even though the photograph is probably from Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Idaho, or North Carolina. From there you can list all of the state's wildflowers that we have represented, or only those for a color range. Most photographs are by me, although some are contributed by others. The identification is by me, and while I have done my best to be accurate, I am not a professional botanist, and there is a high likelihood that some identifications are incorrect. Please let me know at identification@uswildflowers.com if you find errors.
  3. A list of some wildflower identification books available at Amazon.com that cover the selected state. I have noted the books that I own and use myself. In the other cases I have read the description and reviews of the book to determine if they seem appropriate. I get a very small referral fee if you purchase through these links. My retirement budget cannot support my wildflower hobby, so if you can help offset my costs by making your Amazon purchases through these links, that will allow me to continue publishing and enhancing this website.
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