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Lanceleaf Spring Beauty, Western Spring Beauty - Claytonia lanceolata

Family: Portulacaceae - Purslane family Genus Common Name: Spring Beauty Native Status: NativeDicot Perennial Herb
Claytonia lanceolata - Lanceleaf Spring Beauty, Western Spring Beauty. Claytonia lanceolata is a small, pretty white, pink, or even orange or yellow wildflower of early spring in the western United States, especially in somewhat higher elevations. A similar species is Claytonia multiscapa - also known as Lanceleaf Spring Beauty. C. multiscapa is not as widely distributed, and is a slightly larger plant with narrower leaves and smaller flowers. It won’t be found with pink petals, while C. lanceolata petals may be pink. C. multiscapa will have multiple bracts in the inflorescence, while C. lanceolata will usually have a single bract; sometimes 2. Some authorities have considered C. multiscapa to be part of C. lanceolata and others part of C. flava rather than a separate species. If part of C. flava it would expand the range of that species notably.

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Claytonia lanceolata

Distribution of Claytonia lanceolata in the United States and Canada:
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Site: Boise National Forest, Ada County, ID Date: 2011-June-17Photographer: Gerald C. Williamson
Nikon D7000
Tamron AP AF 90MM Macro
The blossom of Lanceleaf Spring Beauty has 5 petals and 5 stamens. The petals may be white, pink, yellow, or orange, although the white and pink ones are most common. The white petals may have a yellow blotch at the base. Sometimes the petals will have a pink stripe.
Claytonia lanceolata

Site: Boise Foothills, Ada County, ID Date: 2011-June-17Photographer: Gerald C Williamson
Nikon D7000
The opposing stem leaves of Claytonia lanceolata are sessile and are lanceolate or ovate, up to a little over 2 inches long. The flowers are carried in a terminal raceme. Basal leaves are usually gone by the time the flowers come along.
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Claytonia lanceolata

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