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Cutleaf Toothwort - Cardamine concatenata

Family: Brassicaceae - Mustard family Genus Common Name: Bittercress Native Status: NativeDicot Perennial Herb
Cardamine concatenata - Cutleaf Toothwort. syn. Cardamine laciniata, Dentaria laciniata, Dentaria concatenata
Cutleaf Toothwort is one of the early spring wildflowers, blooming March through May.

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Cardamine concatenata

Distribution of Cardamine concatenata in the United States and Canada:
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Site: The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain, Walker County, GA Date: 2009-March-07Photographer: Gerald C. Williamson f/5.6 ISO100 Flash: Yes
Cutleaf Toothwort has pink to white 4-petaled blossoms terminating a stem which is 8 to 16 inches tall.
Cardamine concatenata

Site: Walker County, GA Date: 2008-March-26Photographer: Gerald C Williamson
Nikon D40
1/125f/8 ISO400
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 55-200mm 4-5.6G ED
200mm (300 equiv)
Cardamine concatenata normally has a single whorl of 3-part stem leaves. The leaflets are toothed, sometimes so deeply that the leaf may appear to have 4 or 5 leaflets.
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Cardamine concatenata

Site: The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain, Walker County, GA Date: 2010-April-14Photographer: Gerald C Williamson
Nikon D60
1/80f/5.6 ISO200
Tamron SP 90MM f/2.8 AF Macro
90mm (135 equiv)
Cutleaf Toothwort has a whorl of typically three palmately divided stem leaves.

The fruit is an elongated pod up to about an inch and a half long, usually with a beak on the end.
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Cardamine concatenata

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